The winner of Obama cartoon caption contest/Detroit Free Press/June,08,2012

Mike Thompson
Your Mike: The winner of our Obama 
cartoon caption contest
Jeremy O. Morford's entry was selected by you the reader
 as the winner of this week's cartoon caption contest! 
There were a number of funny entries among the
 170 submissions received this week, here are a few of my favorites:

Darn, I told my "spin writers" to put George Bush's name
 on that not unemployment. - Fred Hunt

Funny... I seem to be the only one pulling for
 it to improve. - Bryan Roy

Just my luck lately! I've found the missing anchor 
off Mitt Romney's yacht. - David Nosotti

Man! How can I get the birth certificate issue back 
up to the top.... - David G Van Reenen

That's odd, it's stamped "Made in China". - Patrick Hager

This might deep six my re-election! - Lew Goshorn

Doesn't even come close to that exquisite blend "Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction" manufactured by George Bush & Co.! - Lucas Brazzi

I have to admit my policies are "setting the hook" on the economy. - Jay Jeffrey

Breaking ground for new jobs is tougher than I thought! - Gerald Hunter

This is worse than the biblical millstone - Michael Masalin ·

What does the other side say? Oh, Titanic... - Jeff Peck

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