Guangdong- Conference about Cartoon /China-June,23,2012

Guangzhou-China/Mission Impossible 4

Cristian Marcu-Romania/Bank!!

Cristian Marcu-Romania/Fire...!!

Cristian Marcu-Romania/Drinking!

Cristian Marcu-Romania/You are here!

Cristian Marcu-Romania/Dogs

Cristian Marcu-Romania/Click!!

Cristian Marcu-Romania/Nothing

28 June 2012 Our great friend and colleague Cristiam Marcu is died

28 June 2012 Our great friend and colleague Cristiam Marcu is died. 
We all mourn deeply. Let us pray for the eternal peace of his soul. 
We believe the cartoonists will not die, they are alive in their
works for ever. It was a tragic event because he was young.
It is difficult to believe that Marcu is not between us, 
Irancartoon made a group for him with the name of 
Cristian Marcu in facebook. 
Please join us for memorize him in this link, God bless him.


Tosho Borokovich-Serbia/ Mental Hospital

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Tommy Brookshire

Max Kostenko-Russia/ 8

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Denzel Washington by Alberto Russo-Switzerland

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