First Prize/aydin Dogan/Javad Alizadeh-Iran

Iran’s Alizadeh wins top 2012
 Turkish cartoon award
Iranian cartoonist Javad Alizadeh along with the Turkish 
artist Dogan Arslan has been named top winner of the 2012 
Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition in Turkey.
The jury of the 29th Aydin Dogan International Cartoon
Competition announced the winners and the members’
comments on the selected works on June 5.

Second award went to Serbian artist Vladimir Stankovski 
and Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski was named 
as the third winner of this year’s competition.

Alieh Mazhari and Negin Naqian, the other Iranian representatives, 
are also in the list of ten remarkable cartoonists of the contest that 
are slated to receive the Success Award.

The prominent Iranian artist Firouzeh Mozaffari, as a jury member,
 also attended the 2012 Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition.

About 944 artists from 80 countries around the world with 2945 
works participated in this year’s competition.

The 29th competition’s award ceremony is scheduled 
to be held on October 7, 2012 in Istanbul.

The top winner will receive 8,000 USD and the Aydin Dogan
 Foundation Winner Award, while the First Runner up 
will gain 5,000 USD and the foundation’s First Runner up Award. 

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