Saeed Sadeqi from Iran has been awarded the 2012/Cyprus Contest

Prominent Iranian cartoonist Saeed Sadeqi has been 
awarded the 2012 Success Prize at the 4th
 Cyprus International Cartoon Contest.

While the first award went to the Serbian artist
 Jovan Prokopljevic, Sadeqi received the Works of 
Excellence prize along with several other winners. 

According to the contest website, the participants
 of the 2012 Cyprus International Cartoon Contest 
were asked to focus on the theme of Euro Crisis. 

Born in 1974 in Jahrom, Sadeqi got B.A in painting from
 Tehran Art University and has many notable
 experiences in Graphic design and Cartoon. 

He has participated in a number of international competitions
 and received several awards such as First prize
 of International Caricature and Cartoon Contest
 Ciudad de Bogota, Colombia in 2008 and First prize
 of the 2nd International Cartoon Contest 
Mussel and Fish in Bulgaria in 2010.

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